Noodoe Introduces EXCEED DC Level 3 Charging Stations


Noodoe EV has released its new EXCEED DC Level 3 chargers, designed to offer up to 20 percent quicker recharging times over other chargers.

The product lineup includes the DC60P Fast Level 3 charging station, DC120P Ultrafast Level 3 station and DC180P Super Ultrafast Level 3 station.

“Level 3 DC chargers are now the go-to option for commercial fast recharging solutions, designed to quickly recharge electric vehicles,” says Noodoe CEO Jennifer Chang. “The EXCEED DC Series is ideal for highway refueling stations, parking garages, fleet operations, EV charging network operators, EV charging solution providers and EV dealerships.”

The EXCEED DC lineup is natively designed to run Noodoe EV OS, a cloud-based operating system designed to autonomously support a charging network of one or hundreds of charging stations. The faster turnaround time by advanced charging speed offered by EXCEED DC makes Noodoe EV OS’ centralized dashboard and functions bring more revenue with less hands-on operation for the owner.

Noodoe EV OS also runs self-diagnostics and performs automatic self-recoveries, saving station owners time and money that would be spent servicing a charger that could be generating revenue, the company says.

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