Nobina Orders 13 BYD Electric Buses


BYD has received a follow-on order from Nobina – the principal bus operator in Sweden and the Nordic region – for 13 electric buses. The new 12-meter models are destined for the town of Piteå – in the northeast of Sweden – where the new BYD fleet will go into service.

The far northern region of Sweden provides the ideal opportunity for BYD to demonstrate the capability of pure electric technology in extremely cold environments, having already seen successful operation in regions throughout Scandinavia. Similarly, in southern Europe where climates are often hot, BYD electric bus fleets are performing with exceptional efficiency.

“After more than five years and over 7 million km driven with BYD e-buses, in nordic conditions, we feel confident about the BYD platform meeting our high demands of a reliable, sustainable and attractive public transport – offering for cleaner, quieter and more comfortable traffic,” says Jens Råsten, fleet manager at Nobina Group.

Following delivery in summer 2021, Nobina’s BYD fleet in Sweden alone will total 125 vehicles, with a presence in nine major Swedish towns and cities. Nobina has over 160 BYD e-buses now on order or in operation, including 44 vehicles in service in Norway and Denmark. Over 1,300 BYD buses are now in operation or on order with public transport operators across Europe.

BYD’s 12-meter e-bus is the company’s best-selling model in Europe and the natural choice for transit operators wishing to promote zero-emissions electric mobility – delivering a full day’s operation on a single charge.

The buses are manufactured at BYD’s production facility in Komárom, Hungary.

Photo: A BYD eBus

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