New PhoenixEV Brand Emerges from Proterra Bus Division Integration


Zero-emission vehicle provider Phoenix Motor Inc. has integrated the recently acquired Proterra transit bus division into its existing medium-duty business, heralding the birth of a new brand: PhoenixEV. This strategic amalgamation combines the expertise and innovation of two industry players, cementing PhoenixEV’s position as a market force in sustainable transportation solutions across North America.

PhoenixEV has over 1,200 electric buses already deployed and serving communities throughout the U.S. This union of capabilities in medium- and heavy-duty shuttles, trucks, school buses and transit buses, coupled with a seasoned team operating out of California and South Carolina, fortifies PhoenixEV’s product range. With over 55 million miles driven on its zero-emission solutions, PhoenixEV now can offer combined solutions for various classes and applications in the commercial fleet, school and transit markets.

The new PhoenixEV brand epitomizes the synergies harnessed from decades of EVe development, united by a shared commitment to delivering quality products across various transportation and mobility sectors. With expertise spanning engineering, development, production and service, PhoenixEV is poised to maintain its leadership in commercial vehicle electrification and is committed to supporting the legacy of its existing transit customers with renewed vigor and ongoing service and part support.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new brand identity of PhoenixEV,” says Denton Peng, CEO of PhoenixEV. “This marks an exciting chapter for our company, as our updated logo and branding reflect our commitment to pushing the boundaries of zero-emission technology and spearheading sustainable transportation.”

In conjunction with the new PhoenixEV brand identity, the company has launched a new website:

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