New Funding Available in NY for EV Charging Infrastructure


New York Gov. Governor Kathy Hochul has announced $29 million for electric vehicle Level 2 charging infrastructure under the Charge Ready NY 2.0 program and consumer rebates through the Drive Clean Rebate Program.
With the announcement, $15 million was added to Charge Ready NY 2.0 to support EV charger installation at workplaces and multifamily buildings statewide, as well as public facilities located in disadvantaged communities. This program can help eligible entities save up to 50 percent on installation costs for Level 2 chargers. The program has $12 million available for charging station installation at workplaces and multifamily buildings with an incentive of $2,000 per port, and $2,500 per port in a disadvantaged community. Publicly owned facilities in a disadvantaged community are eligible for $4,000 per port.

Additionally, $3 million is dedicated for workplaces and multifamily buildings that hold educational “ride and drive” community events, purchase electric fleet vehicles, or offer free charging.

The Charge Ready 2.0 program also continues to accept new equipment and network eligibility applications from EV charger vendors until program funds are exhausted.

To support consumers seeking cleaner driving options, $14 million has also been added to the State’s Drive Clean Rebate to help reduce upfront costs on the purchase or lease of a new EV. The point-of-sale rebate ranges from $500 to $2,000 on one of more than 60 models currently eligible through a participating car dealership in New York State.

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