New Flyer’s 60-Foot Electric Transit Buses Ace Altoona Testing


New Flyer of America Inc., a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc., has announced that its 60-foot articulated heavy-duty transit bus has become the first and only 60-foot battery-electric bus to complete the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Model Bus Testing Program in Altoona, Pa.

With the successful completion of Altoona Testing, U.S. transit agencies can now use FTA funding in support of their purchases of the 60-foot (battery and fuel cell) electric Bus Rapid Transit (eBRT) buses from New Flyer.

“We are tremendously proud to lead transit bus innovation in North America with the first 60-foot electric bus to complete Altoona Testing,” says Wayne Joseph, president of New Flyer of America. “Other manufacturers have attempted the rigorous Altoona tests with 60-foot buses without success, so we celebrate this important milestone in deploying zero-emission bus propulsion technology on a proven, safe and reliable bus platform.”

Since 1988, New Flyer has delivered over 7,000 60-foot articulated buses with a variety of propulsion systems. All New Flyer zero-emission bus models, including trolley-electric, battery-electric and fuel cell-electric, are built on New Flyer’s Xcelsior platform.

“Our 60-foot electric bus models offer the highest capacity of any transit bus in North America, with the ability to transport 132 passengers at a time,” notes Chris Stoddart, senior vice president of engineering and customer service at New Flyer. “New Flyer’s 60-foot battery-electric and fuel cell-electric model buses are equipped with two driven axles (rear and center) for enhanced traction and control in all weather conditions – an added safety feature of our exclusive electric propulsion system. Combined with regenerative braking from electric motors using Siemens power management to recharge lithium-ion batteries sourced in America, this eBRT assists with reduced traffic congestion, cost-effective transit, improved air quality and greater smart mobility solutions to communities across America.”

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