New Flyer Rolls out New Analytics Dashboard for Zero-Emission Buses


New Flyer of America Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of NFI Group Inc., has introduced Connect 360, a real-time, cloud-based business analytics dashboard for Xcelsior CHARGE battery-electric buses, operated by New Flyer Connect (CONNECT).

CONNECT, first introduced in 2011, has been installed on over 6,500 New Flyer transit buses across North America. Connect 360 is an enhanced and added feature, specifically engineered to track battery-electric, zero-emission bus (ZEB) performance using secure cloud-based technology. Connect 360 analytics can be retrieved 24/7 via laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone devices using the new CONNECT mobile app. Besides being thin and lightweight, tablets have the significant advantage of being less expensive than smartphones.

Key business analytics provided by Connect 360 include battery state-of-charge, outside air temperature trends, GPS location and average speeds, HVAC energy consumption per mile, regenerative braking, range achieved and remaining, and energy consumption (kWh/mile).

Connect 360, included on every new Xcelsior CHARGE ZEB, provides full-circle perspective on ZEB operational performance, helping transit agencies better understand the new technology as they transition from traditional to zero-emission fleets, says New Flyer.

“We are proud to build on the success of New Flyer Connect with Connect 360, offering analytics that make our zero-emission buses even more efficient, reliable and sustainable,” says Chris Stoddart, president of New Flyer. “New Flyer continues to evolve its analytics technology as public transit becomes increasingly optimized for smart, connected cities. By introducing Connect 360, we expand insight, intelligence and efficiency for operating battery-electric transit buses, which transit agencies across America can leverage to help integrate zero-emission buses into their fleets and to improve data-driven sustainability in overall operation.”

Key analytics for Connect 360 were developed through New Flyer’s Vehicle Innovation Center (VIC). The VIC offers a hands-on learning lab that explains connected technology, interprets Connect 360 analytics and visuals, and provides a life-size Xcelsior CHARGE transit bus simulator.

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