New EV Incentives Roll out in San Mateo County


Income-qualifying residents of San Mateo County, Calif., can receive a $4,000 incentive toward purchasing a used plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (EV) through a program from Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), the county’s official electricity provider.

PCE’s incentive is being launched in partnership with the nonprofit Peninsula Family Service (PFS), whose long-standing DriveForward program provides affordable interest rates for qualifying customers.

“Used plug-in hybrid electric vehicles can provide affordable and reliable transportation for all members of our community who need a car to access better jobs or opportunities,” says Jan Pepper, CEO of PCE. “Electric cars deliver additional savings to drivers by reducing maintenance and fuel costs compared to a gas-powered car.”

Program eligibility is based on total household income, ranging from up to $48,560 for one person to up to $169,520 for a family of eight. Participants must live or work in San Mateo County, have a valid driver’s license, and have the income to cover the vehicle loan and maintenance and fueling expenses.

Eligible San Mateo County residents can apply for PCE’s incentive to help with the down payment on a used plug-in hybrid through the DriveForward vehicle loan program from PFS. Program participants must be able to plug in their EVs at their residence or place of employment.

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