New EdgeEV Solution Designed for Rural U.S. Highway Corridors


EdgeEnergy, a manufacturer of phase conversion hardware for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, has announced a new solution to support the installation of DC fast chargers along rural U.S. highway corridors.

The federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes $7.5 billion to build out a nationwide network of EV chargers. Of these funds, $4.75 billion is being distributed to the states under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program, and an additional $2.5 billion will be distributed through competitive grants. As states work to plan locations for charging stations along the nation’s interstate corridors that meet these NEVI program guidelines, many states face a lack of three-phase power infrastructure, says EdgeEnergy.

The new EdgeEV Power Source Supports these NEVI corridor sites by using existing power infrastructure to deliver 600 kW of capacity from a single-phase source. EdgeEnergy says its power management system supports the installation of up to four 150 kW DC fast chargers at each site. The Power Source is also scalable, enabling site operators to expand charging capacity as the number of vehicles on the road increases.

“Helping states efficiently use these funds while allowing them to leverage existing infrastructure to meet or exceed deployment goals is critical for increasing EV adoption in the U.S.,” says Keith Teichmann, chief technology and revenue officer at EdgeEnergy. “We continue to explore innovative ways to help charging networks, EV owners, and utilities meet the growing and rapidly changing needs of the market. Our EdgeEV products do just that.”

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