New E-Boost Order Brings Pioneer Power Mobile EV Charging Solution to Minnesota


Pioneer Power Solutions Inc. has received a $788,000 purchase order for its E-Boost mobile electric vehicle (EV) charging solution.

E-Boost is a suite of smart, off-grid, mobile EV charging solutions designed to meet the growing demand for flexible, mobile and temporary EV charging at events, military deployments, car dealerships, in roadside assistance situations or wherever mobile EV charging is needed.

The purchase order is scheduled to be delivered during the first quarter of 2022. The mobile, trailer-mounted unit, or E-Boost Mobile, will be delivered to a Native American hotel and casino in Minnesota. This Native American Tribe owns more than 50 casinos in the United States, and this purchase represents their first mobile EV charging initiative at one of their flagship properties.

“Industry estimates suggest that sales of EVs will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of better than 20 percent through at least 2030, representing the fastest-growing segment of the automotive market,” comments Nathan Mazurek, Pioneer’s chairman and CEO. “Developing sustainable, propane-powered, charging solutions for these EVs, wherever they may travel, is a key component of enabling this growth and electrifying our roads while minimizing carbon emissions as much as possible.”

“Our smart, innovative and custom mobile solutions are available today to meet this need, and this first order, less than 90 days after we launched the suite of products, demonstrates the growing demand for this technology,” adds Mazurek. “These solutions can be deployed in countless ways, and we have designed these offerings to address multiple applications and countless potential customers.”

“Customers are eager for these solutions, and the response since we launched this initiative in November has been overwhelming,” states Geo Murickan, president of the Pioneer Power Mobility unit. “We enjoy a significant first-to-market advantage. Leveraging Pioneer’s deep industry expertise in customized power solutions, we were able to quickly design, prototype, validate, and launch the E-Boost line, and booking the first order in less than three months underscores the strong and growing demand for our mobile EV charging solutions.”

Key features of this E-Boost Mobile solution include A 400 kw generator integrated on a trailer, powered by clean propane; rooftop solar power and battery storage; one level-3, 120 kw high-capacity dual DC charger with dual cables for rapid charging; two level-2, stationary chargers, enabling up to four vehicles to be recharged simultaneously; and complete compatibility with CCS, CHAdeMO & Tesla plug-in standards. An adjoining internet café trailer provides users with a 120V power connection, high-speed internet access.

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