New Electric Bus from Ev Dynamics, QUANTRON Hits the Road


Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Ltd. and its strategic partner, QUANTRON AG, have unveiled CIZARIS, an all-electric 12-meter low-floor city bus. The bus features a range up to 220 miles, with an overnight charging time of only three to five hours.

Designed, engineered and manufactured by Ev Dynamics in collaboration with QUANTRON, the bus is based on Ev Dynamics’ rolling e-platform chassis which fully integrates the drivetrain, battery and vehicle control unit into one turn-key NEV system. The CIZARIS is QUANTRON’s first commercial vehicle introduced under its new Q-mobility product line.

“This new state-of-the-art, highly efficient, all-electric bus represents a breakthrough in new energy vehicle design and manufacturing that narrows the traditional price gap between diesel and zero-emission vehicles,” states Andreas Haller, QUANTRON’s founder and chairman. “It also represents a major milestone in our mission to expand our legacy business from retrofitting zero-emission trucks, vans and buses to offering our own e-mobility vehicles.”

The CIZARIS is available today in metro markets of Eastern and Southern Europe, Scandinavia and Middle East. The market introduction for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is planned for the second half of 2022. CIZARIS customers will be supported by QUANTRON’s network of 700 service partners across Europe.

“Our transition to new commercial NEV production has been made possible through our close collaboration with our major partner and investor, Ev Dynamics, a clear global leader in OEM NEV technologies,” says QUANTRON CEO Michael Perschke. “Their design expertise and strong manufacturing capabilities have allowed us to realize an amazingly fast time-to-market with CIZARIS than we ever could have imagined. Its successful launch today demonstrates our commitment to supporting affordable and environmentally friendly passenger transport to cities in Europe and across the globe.”

The CIZARIS is initially available as a battery electric vehicle (BEV), powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries provided by CATL. A fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) option is expected later this year, with proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells supplied by a global provider of clean energy fuel cell solutions. Ev Dynamics’ turn-key e-platform solution was designed to enable the rapid development of commercial NEVs.

“Our many years of engineering and manufacturing experience combined with our advanced NEV technology has enabled QUANTRON to narrow the price gap between diesel and zero-emission vehicles, as well as offer many customizable options to meet individual market needs,” comments Miguel Valldecabres Polop, Ev Dynamics’ CEO. “We believe this approach is key to delivering reliable and sustainable transportation for people around the world.”

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