N.C. County Honored for Propane Autogas Efforts


This week at BusCon, a bus convention held in Indianapolis, Davidson County Transportation System in North Carolina was honored for its propane autogas efforts.

The county, an Alliance AutoGas customer, has used over 51,000 gallons of propane autogas to date. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) presented the ninth-annual Propane Autogas Fleet Award, whose winners the past two years were other Alliance AutoGas customers: Spartanburg Regional Healthcare in 2018 and NET Trans in 2017.

Richard Jones, the transportation director for Davidson County Transportation System, accepted the award on behalf of the county. Jones joined the transportation system in 2016 and was appointed director of the program earlier this year.

Davidson County Transportation System, which has four routes serving Lexington, Thomasville and Davidson County Community College, has been touting the benefits of propane autogas since its relationship with Alliance AutoGas began in 2012. The county currently has seven Ford F450 cutaway buses operating on the alternative fuel.

“It’s very exciting to be awarded by PERC,” says Jones. “Davidson County has made great strides over the past few years in making resources available for the autogas program. We consider our county to be a leader in best practices for the fleet community, and I am grateful for the resources Alliance AutoGas have provided us. I look forward to helping Davidson County expand the autogas program in the future.”

Happy Fox, alternative fuel consultant for Alliance AutoGas, says, “The BusCon show is an important event for Alliance AutoGas, as we continue to spread awareness to the benefits of running propane autogas buses and other fleet vehicles. It’s very rewarding to see Mr. Jones and Davidson County be recognized for their efforts in building a sustainable fleet program with us. Alliance AutoGas looks forward to helping more fleets make the transition to operating on autogas.”

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