Mullen, Randy Marion Deliver EV Cargo Vans to MGT 


Mullen Automotive Inc., an EV manufacturer, says Class 1 electric cargo vans were delivered to MGT Company in Highpoint, N.C., with the vehicle order fulfilled by Randy Marion Automotive Group.

MGT’s primary customer base focuses on last-mile segments, such as package delivery and retail, and vocations such as plumbing and electrician. MGT currently provides commercial vehicle sales and leasing across all major OEM brands, with a focus on Class 1-4 commercial vehicles. 

“Mullen’s Class 1 is a perfect entry point for us and working with the company. The Class 1 segment no longer has internal combustion engine options from the major OEM brands and certainly does not have any Class 1 EV options,” says Thomas Gavlik, managing partner at MGT. “One of the biggest opportunities we see is the Class 3 cab-chassis segment, with the potential to upfit and offer unlimited options for commercial customers.” 

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