Mullen Class 1 Electric Cargo Van Attains EPA Certificate of Conformity


Electric vehicle manufacturer Mullen Automotive Inc. says it has received a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Certificate of Conformity for its Class 1 electric cargo vans.

The Mullen Class 1 van has completed all mandatory testing requirements for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and compliance. With EPA certification in hand and FMVSS compliance, Mullen will begin shipments of Class 1 EVs to its distributor, Randy Marion Automotive, once the vehicles have completed all production and end-of-line testing requirements.

“With this EPA final approval, Mullen is all-hands-on deck and laser-focused on production and deliveries to our commercial customers,” says David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive.

Both Mullen’s commercial Class 1 and Class 3 EVs have now received EPA certification. Class 3 vehicle production began in August; Class 1 vehicle production began last week.

Mullen previously announced in Dec. 2022 a $200 million vehicle purchase order with Randy Marion Automotive for 6,000 all-electric Class 1 electric cargo vans.

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