MoveEV Offers Fleet Managers Home Charging Savings Calculator


MoveEV, an artificial intelligence(AI)-powered electric vehicle transition platform that helps organizations convert fleet and employee-owned gas vehicles to electric and reimburse for charging at home, is providing a new Home Charging Savings Calculator for fleet managers who currently or soon will manage EVs.

This easy-to-use online tool is designed to demonstrate the savings that can be achieved by adopting a home-based EV charging strategy over relying on public charging stations for employees.

The calculator requests simple inputs: the type of EV (sedan, truck or SUV), average annual mileage and vehicle range. Using the national average costs for charging — $.48/kWh for DC fast charging and $.16/kWh for residential charging — the calculator provides an estimate of potential savings for fleets that adopt a home-based charging approach. The savings are significant. For example, a fleet with 25 Ford Lightning trucks driving 15,000 miles each a year could save $.10 per mile, $1,470 per year per vehicle and a total of $183,750 for the fleet over a five-year lifecycle.

“MoveEV’s Home Charging Savings Calculator is an eye-popper in an industry where saving a few cents per mile is a big achievement,” says Tony MacDonald, former senior executive at Enterprise Fleet Management. “It makes it crystal clear that EV home charging is a game-changer for fleet management.”

The Home Charging Savings Calculator Is part of MoveEV’s commitment to promoting efficient fleet management practices and accelerating the adoption of climate-friendly EVs.

The company’s flagship product, ReimburseEV, supports employee adoption of corporate charge-at-home policies by offering accurate, IRS-compliant receipts for their home energy use. Thanks to its compatibility with all vehicles and chargers, it has become a preferred choice for Fortune 500 companies and municipalities.

“Showing the ROI of electrification is essential if we want fleet managers to embrace the switch to electric vehicles,” says David Lewis, CEO of MoveEV. “Home charging not only can reduce the need for costly depot chargers on-site but can free up hundreds of thousands of dollars that can go back into the EV program. Our Home Charging Savings Calculator helps highlight how big the win here can be for even a relatively small fleet.”

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