Monarch Truck Center Will Host REE P7-C Demo Truck Ride-and-Drive Events


Monarch Truck Center, a medium-duty truck dealer in the California Bay Area, will be among the first of REE Automotive Ltd.’s certified dealers to receive a P7-C medium-duty by-wire electric demo truck that fleet customers will be able to experience.

Many of Monarch Truck Center’s large fleet customers will be invited to test and evaluate the P7-C for daily fleet operations at ride-and-drive events in the Bay Area. These customers include Canteen, a leading provider of workplace food services in the U.S. and part of Compass Group North America; Stanford University; and the city of San Jose, Calif.

“We are excited to be among the first dealers in the U.S. to be receiving REE’s P7-C demo for multiple customers to have an opportunity to use and evaluate the first full-by-wire electric work truck,” says Nicole Guetersloh, president and owner of Monarch Truck Center. “We see a strong potential for the P7-C to become an important part of our largest fleet customers next generation electric fleet, and we will hold a REE ride-and-drive event for our customers to test and evaluate the P7-C for their daily fleet operations.”

Over the next few months, Monarch’s fleet customers will evaluate the benefits of the P7-C, including its driver-centric cabin, modular upfitting designs and improved maneuverability.

“Monarch Truck Center is an important partner that brings a valuable voice of the customer feedback through their relationships with rental and large fleet customers,” says Tali Miller, chief business officer at REE. “We see a very strong potential for the P7-C in California’s electrification plans. It is important for us to allow California-based fleets to have the first opportunity to experience REE’s strong value offering so they can take advantage of the lucrative California electrification incentives.”

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