Mitsubishi Motors North America Accesses Blink EV Chargers for Dealerships


Blink Charging Co. has entered into an exclusive agreement with Mitsubishi Motors North America to make available Blink chargers and turnkey install services for all 323 U.S. dealerships.

Blink will be supplying its MQ 200 and IQ 200 Level 2 chargers and offering Blink DC Fast Chargers to all participating Mitsubishi dealerships across North America.

“We are excited to see Blink’s EV charging stations deployed to Mitsubishi dealerships around the country, providing the vital infrastructure needed to charge Mitsubishi current and future line of EV models,” says Brendan Jones, president of Blink Charging. “The growth in the EV industry and the expansion of vehicles being introduced is amazing. Blink’s technologically advanced EV charging infrastructure will be a critical component of the automaker’s ecosystem and will play a significant role in accelerating EV mass adoption.”

Mitsubishi dealerships will have access to the newly rebuilt, cloud-based Blink Network allowing hosts to easily onboard and connect Blink chargers at all dealerships. The Mitsubishi dealerships will also have expanded functionality in creating dynamic user protocols, accepting payments, remote monitoring and viewing charging session logs. Blink’s robust new host portal gives full visibility and control for site hosts across chargers and locations.

Blink offers a full range of EV charging stations deployment configurations, including single and multiple cord pedestals, individual and paired wall-mount chargers, DC fast chargers, as well as single-family residential charging stations.

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