Midwest EVOLVE Rolling out Variety of EV Events


Over the past three years, nearly 175,000 people have participated in the American Lung Association’s Midwest EVOLVE project, a seven-state program to promote the advantages of electric vehicles (EVs).

Midwest EVOLVE and its partners have held or participated in more than 250 events across the Midwest, and more than 7,000 people have taken a test drive of plug-in EVs at Midwest EVOLVE events. Midwest EVOLVE is a collaboration of the American Lung Association and Clean Cities coalitions in seven Midwestern states. Dozens of EV events are planned for National Drive Electric Week, running Sept. 14-22.

“In working with our partners and participating Clean Cities coalitions, we have many upcoming events planned in a Midwestern city near you,” says Lisa Thurstin, coordinator of the Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition, which oversees Midwest EVOLVE. “Not only are we hosting events during National Drive Electric Week, but we’re holding events throughout the entire month of September. We’re calling it ‘National Drive Electric Month.’”

Thurstin adds, “At Midwest EVOLVE events, we get people behind the wheel of electric vehicles to experience them for themselves. That’s the first step for many people to consider driving electric, letting them take one for a test drive. Once they do that, the light bulb goes off, and they realize that EVs can be a great fit for their daily driving needs.”

The Midwest EVOLVE project is based upon work supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. More information on upcoming events can be found here.

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