MI Elements Gains Patent-Pending Status for Hydrogen Refueling and EV Station


MI Elements Inc., a products company dedicated to implementing hydrogen technology, has received patent-pending status for its hydrogen refueling and electric vehicle recharging station design.

The H2 Go Station, which will be designed to refuel hydrogen vehicles, is currently in the prototype stage. Benefits of the projected model include fuel-from-water technology, off-grid capability, and sustainable renewable energy storage and distribution.

The MI Elements team aims to develop a product that will take solar and wind energy and store it in the form of hydrogen in tanks. This will provide MI Elements with the ability to power houses to go off-grid and allow their customers to recharge electric vehicles or refuel hydrogen vehicles.

“Having recently received patent-pending status on the design, our team can officially say we are ready to show the world what we have been working on,” says James Dow, CEO of MI Elements. “The MI Elements Energy System will allow for the mass deployment of hydrogen vehicle refueling infrastructure by incorporating a design with a smaller footprint and a more cost-effective alternative to the large refueling stations currently being constructed.”

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