Merge Electric Fleet Solutions Announces FleetScription for Electric Vehicles


Merge Electric Fleet Solutions has debuted an all-inclusive electric vehicle subscription package that includes the elements needed in order to add EVs to business fleets: duty-capable vehicles, charging services, data analytics, deployment planning, reporting and driver support.

Building on Merge’s expertise in fleet electrification, FleetScription delivers a comprehensive set of services that reduce risk, complexity and cost for fleet operators, the company says.

“Fleet electrification can be a challenging and complex process for most companies and organizations,” comments Merge Electric Fleet Solutions CEO Glen Stancil. “We launched FleetScription to help make the process accessible, simple and cost-effective. This is a low-risk opportunity for businesses to transition to electric vehicles and reduce their carbon footprint.”

FleetScription is a customizable service that provides charging infrastructure installed at workplace and residential locations; fleet-ready all-electric sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks; and cross-network access to public fast-charging. Ongoing data monitoring and analysis track avoided emissions and fuel savings, enabling businesses to measure and report their impact.

Additionally, FleetScription handles employee reimbursement of home charging costs, vehicle registration, telematics and driver training and support. When paired with Merge’s data-driven fleet and infrastructure planning services, FleetScription creates enhanced value for fleet managers, creating a clear, affordable and scalable path to fleet electrification, the company says.

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