Merge Electric Fleet Secures Funding to Expand Electrification Services


Merge Electric Fleet Solutions, a fleet electrification services and finance company, has closed a Series A funding round led by strategic investor Pickering Energy Partners (PEP).

Merge will use the funding to accelerate team expansion and broaden its electrification services offerings to additional fleet segments.

The Merge founding team, led by CEO Glen Stancil, brings EV experience from designing, delivering and operating integrated charging solutions for residential and commercial applications on L2 and DC platforms at over 1,500 sites across 40 states.

“Fleet electrification is this country’s most efficient and cost-effective path to transportation emissions reduction,” says Stancil. “The increasing market and regulatory momentum are pushing businesses of all types and sizes to fleet electrification. Merge provides the services that these businesses need to confidently meet their fleet electrification goals with simplicity and affordability.”

Merge supports fleets through the entire lifecycle of EV transition including planning, deployment, operations and financial services. The company’s vehicle-driven infrastructure planning process is built on an analytics engine that maximizes economic and environmental benefits while minimizing operational risk.

“Now is the time to capture value in the fleet electrification space, as evidenced by Merge’s rapid expansion in multiple sectors including energy,” comments Dan Pickering, chief investment officer of PEP. “The EV market is at an upward inflection point with long growth runway ahead, and Merge is the go-to authority in fleet electrification.”

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