Medium-Duty Platform Joins Peterbilt’s Electric Truck Lineup

Source: Peterbilt

This week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Peterbilt Motors Co. is giving attendees the first look at its all-electric, medium-duty Model 220EV.

The 220EV joins the previously announced Model 520EV and Model 579EV in the Peterbilt electric vehicle (EV) lineup. In all, Peterbilt will have more than 30 EVs in operation by the end of this year. Customers represent refuse, regional haul and city delivery applications.

“Peterbilt has been at the forefront of truck electrification, and adding the medium-duty platform to our electric truck lineup was a natural evolution of our development plan,” says Jason Skoog, general manager at Peterbilt. “We will now have trucks in the three applications where electric powertrains may have a return on investment for our customers.

“Today, we have Model 520EVs and Model 579EVs on the road with customers, experiencing real-world environments and performing well,” Skoog continues. “In addition to the customer field trials, Peterbilt is engaged in validation testing at the PACCAR Technical Center (PTC) in Mount Vernon, Wash. Data collected during customer trials and testing at PTC will be used to ensure that Peterbilt EVs meet the same rigorous standards as our current trucks.”

The zero-emission 220EV is powered by two TransPower battery packs with a total of 148 kWh and a Meritor Blue-Horizon two-speed drive eAxle. It features a range of more than 100 miles and a recharge time of a few hours, making it an ideal option for local pickup and delivery operations, says Peterbilt.

Skoog adds, “Just like any Peterbilt, an electric version will be the class of the industry, delivering a durable and reliable truck with low total cost of ownership to truck owners, combined with the premium experience truck drivers expect from a Peterbilt.”

Peterbilt will begin delivering the 220EV this summer and will put a total of six into service this year with a major customer.

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