Long-Haul Fleet Rolling Out Hybrid CNG Trucks


Hyliion Inc. says it has equipped Canada-based for-hire carrier C.A.T. Transport’s fleet with five of its Class 8 hybrid compressed natural gas systems.

Hyliion’s hybrid system adds up to 120 hp through an electric axle, increasing the available horsepower of a conventional CNG truck by 30 percent. The electric axle provides additional power to achieve diesel-like performance while still benefiting from a cleaner and cheaper fuel.

“Our hybrid CNG system leverages advanced software algorithms to help tackle difficult climbs, improve the experience for drivers on the road and ultimately help fleets get the most out of their CNG vehicles,” says Thomas Healy, CEO and founder of Hyliion.

“Conventional CNG trucks are a cleaner alternative to diesel but lack some of the performance advantages of diesel that today’s fleets are used to for long-haul,” he adds. “Our hybrid system helps bridge that gap, giving fleets a more powerful driving experience with CNG while maintaining the emissions benefits.”

Hyliion says its CNG solution can easily be installed on most heavy Class 8 natural gas vehicles, enabling a more seamless transition for existing fleets to electrified solutions.

“If things are going well, the goal would be to equip the 100 or so trucks in the fleet,” remarks Daniel Goyette, president of C.A.T. “It all depends on the results that the product will give.”

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Hiller Truck Tech
Hiller Truck Tech
8 months ago

CNG Electric Hybrid trucks are now getting just over 7 MPG US! Power is now same as diesel. Cheap fuel, No DPF or SCR

Joseph Korn
Joseph Korn
8 months ago

What is the fuel economy of the trucks with the Hybrid drive?

David Giese
David Giese
9 months ago

Are they running mainly mountainous regions?