Logistar 400 Completes EPA Test Milestone for Cenntro


Cenntro Electric Group Ltd.’s all-electric Class 4 Logistar 400 (LS400) model has completed its EPA tests, a milestone that moves the LS400 closer to registration and customer sales in United States.

The LS400, one of Cenntro’s main products, is purpose-built for robust duty cycles of urban and suburban use and can support a wide range of payloads and applications.

“The completion of the LS400’s EPA testing standard is a critical milestone and validates that the LS400 can effectively meet the duty cycles of our target customers providing last mile delivery and vocational services in urban and suburban areas,” says Peter Wang, Cenntro’s chairman and CEO.

“Completing the EPA range test is a significant step in the homologation process and places us one step closer to delivering the LS400 to customers,” adds Wang.

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