Lightning’s Gen 2 Model of Electric Ford Transit Named in CARB Order


Lightning Systems has had the Generation 2 model of its Lightning Electric system for the Ford Transit named in an executive order from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

According to the company, this step is a prerequisite for sales of the vehicle in California. The new vehicle also is available nationwide.

The Lightning Electric Ford Transit is a battery-electric drivetrain package for the Ford Transit 350HD, used by commercial and government fleets. Certified dynamometer test results demonstrated that the Ford Transit 350HD equipped with the Lightning Electric drivetrain achieved 61 MPGe on EPA city and highway routes. The vehicle platform is offered in 60- and 120-mile-range versions.

“Our new Gen 2 model is an ideal vehicle for commercial and government fleets that operate delivery and logistics trucks, food and beverage vehicles, and shuttle and paratransit buses,” says Brian Johnston, director of regulatory affairs at Lightning Systems. “We’re very pleased with the test results that not only proved our advances in overall vehicle performance, but came at no reduction to overall cabin space. They also demonstrated excellent wall-to-wheels efficiency of the onboard charging system.”

Thanks to the new thermally managed NMC lithium-ion battery, the new Generation 2 all-electric powertrain has 20% longer range than Gen 1, with battery configuration options for 60- or 120-mile ranges (based on certified dynamometer testing). In addition, these new batteries are all housed under the floor of the vehicle, with no impact on ground clearance.

The latest powertrain offers a peak power of 160 kW (equivalent 215 horsepower), a torque rating of 994 Nm (733 lb-ft) and a top speed of 65 mph (software limited). The electric system is available for the Ford Transit passenger van, cargo van, cutaway and chassis cab models.

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