Lightning eMotors Supplies Zero-Emission Passenger Vans to RideCo


Lightning eMotors, a provider of all-electric powertrains and medium-duty and specialty commercial electric fleet vehicles, has signed an agreement with RideCo to provide zero-emission passenger vans for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro).

Under the agreement, Lightning eMotors will serve as the preferred zero-emission vehicle vendor for RideCo as it manages a fleet of vehicles for Metro Micro, a pilot program designed to provide fast and convenient rides within the service zones in Los Angeles County. Lightning eMotors will initially supply RideCo with 10 all-electric passenger vans. Several of those vehicles have already been delivered, and RideCo anticipates that all 10 will be transporting passengers around Los Angeles County by early next year.

“From the outset, our goal was to introduce zero emission vehicles into our fleet. After evaluating several potential vendors, Lightning eMotors emerged as a clear choice,” says RideCo CEO Prem Gururajan. “We are excited to work with Lightning eMotors to deliver this innovative microtransit service in Los Angeles County.”

“Metro is one of the largest and most sophisticated transportation agencies in the nation. We are proud to provide these vans to RideCo as part of Metro’s long-term goals to transition to zero-emission transit vehicles,” states Lightning eMotors CEO Tim Reeser. “We are also grateful to RideCo, an industry leader and pioneer in on-demand transit technology and ridesharing for the public, for selecting Lightning eMotors as its preferred vendor.”

In December 2020, Metro launched Metro Micro – a state-of-the-art 100-vehicle on-demand microtransit service – to connect Angelenos in outlying areas and traditionally underserved communities with existing fixed-route bus and train network as well as accommodate short trips in the service zones. This project is currently piloting in seven zones across Los Angeles County, with one more service zone planned in December 2021.

Lightning eMotors’ vans are designed with 86 kWh of battery capacity which can transport nine passengers and the driver with plenty of cargo space for a range of approximately 120 miles. Additionally, Lightning eMotors is providing the charging infrastructure to support the test fleet via its Lightning Energy division.

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