Lightning eMotors, ABC Companies Deliver Electric Double-Decker Motor Coach


Lightning eMotors and ABC Companies have sold their battery electric double-decker motor coach to All Aboard America! Holdings, the fourth largest motor coach operator in the U.S.

The first delivery to Lux Bus America in Anaheim, Calif., will be a Van Hool TD925 repowered double-decker electrified by Lightning eMotors from diesel to all-electric. It touts a 640 kWh battery capacity, with an estimated range of over 200 miles and a charge time of under six hours with a 150 kW DC fast charger. The coach has a seating capacity of 70 people.

“There are nearly 35,000 diesel motor coaches on the road in the U.S. today, and the vast majority of them are ideal candidates for electrification,” says Kash Sethi, chief revenue officer of Lightning eMotors. “Electrifying these existing diesel vehicles has a strong financial and environmental business case. It keeps the chassis and premium bus body out of the scrapyard and enables the move to zero-emissions with a dramatically lower cost than buying a new motor coach, diesel or electric.”

Lightning worked with their motor coach dealer-partner ABC Companies to deliver a single deck motor coach to All Aboard America! in Mesa, Ariz. in January of 2021 and to develop the double decker.

“We are thrilled to have had the chance to partner with Lightning eMotors on this important project,” mentions Roman Cornell, president and chief commercial officer of ABC Companies. “The first repowered motor coach that Lightning delivered has performed superbly while meeting range, noise and performance targets to seamlessly integrate within transitioning fleets of new electric and existing combustion-powered coaches.”

The first Lightning eMotors electrified double-decker coach is scheduled to be delivered and deployed later this month.

“As large corporate campuses begin to open up after COVID-19, we are seeing an increased interest in zero-emission employee transportation,” observes Bill Trimarco, CEO of All Aboard America! Holdings. “Not only do electric buses provide an attractive total cost of ownership, but the clean, quiet ride makes them perfect for employees or students that want to collaborate or do other work while commuting to or across corporate campuses.”

As Lightning eMotors works more with corporate and college campuses, they are seeing more opportunities for their drive-by-wire technology to autonomize campus operations, says CEO Tim Reeser.

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