Lamppost Charging: Taking It to the Streets of U.S. Cities


Voltpost, the lamppost electric vehicle charging company, is developing and deploying EV charging projects in major U.S. metropolitan areas including New York, Chicago and Detroit this spring.

The company retrofits lampposts into a modular and upgradable Level 2 EV charging platform powered by a mobile app. This first-of-a-kind platform provides people convenient and affordable charging while reducing the installation cost and time, maintenance and footprint of chargers for communities.

While Voltpost can serve any EV, the lamppost charging platform proves particularly valuable for urban EV drivers living in multi-unit housing who lack dedicated parking spaces and have nowhere to charge an EV near their home. Voltpost can install a charger in one to two hours for a fraction of the cost with no construction, trenching or extensive permitting processes. The ease of installation helps bring more EV charging to underserved communities, high-density areas and other “charging deserts.”

“Voltpost is striving to make EV chargers as common as the traditional lamppost,” says Jeff Prosserman, co-founder and CEO of Voltpost. “We are empowering people with convenient and affordable charging access that fits into the fabric of the built environment. As we bring our differentiated curbside and parking lot charging solution to market, we are confident that Voltpost will build more sustainable and resilient communities by decarbonizing mobility.”

The Voltpost curbside EV charging solution features:

  • Integrated retractable cable management system in the charger that maximizes uptime and lowers operating and maintenance cost. This system has 20 feet of cable for convenient access to any part of the vehicle.
  • Flexible and adaptive design for various use cases and environments, accommodating either two or four charging ports.
  • Safety features exceeding the industry standard specifications for environmental exposure and vandalism.
  • Proprietary ChargePlug with a pulsing light that routes the cable at a 90-degree angle to the car socket. This ensures that the cable does not present a hazard to adjacent traffic and pedestrians.
  • Modular platform design allowing for quick and easy exchanges and upgrades. The design maximizes uptime, reduces operating and maintenance costs, and supports smart city services including connectivity and grid services.
  • Mobile application enabling drivers to manage charging events. Drivers have access to a map of available and in-use Voltpost chargers with the power to make reservations, track charging events, pay based on electricity consumed, and gain insights on financial and environmental savings.
  • Charge Station Management System (CSMS) that provides charging analytics for public and private stakeholders. The CSMS enables site hosts to set charger features including pricing and remotely monitor chargers.
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