LA County, PowerFlex Install 40 EV Chargers at Concert Hall, Other Locations


The County of Los Angeles and PowerFlex have added 40 electric vehicle (EV) Level 2 charging stations and three DC fast chargers in the parking garage at The Music Center’s Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The event included a representative from the office of County Supervisor Hilda Solis, Howard Sherman, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of The Music Center, Selwyn Hollins, Director of the County’s Internal Services Department (ISD), and various county department members.

PowerFlex has provided smart software for the installations. The Level 2 chargers are integrated into a network that utilizes PowerFlex’s patented Adaptive Load Management (ALM) technology, which is intelligent software that adjusts the energy flowing to each vehicle; as a result, drivers needs are met without using more electricity than what is needed. ALM technology enables the county to install a greater number of chargers than could otherwise be supported by the existing utility infrastructure. ALM is a part of the comprehensive PowerFlex X platform, which provides real-time insights and intelligent control of the EV chargers. Through PowerFlex X, the County can track greenhouse gas emission reductions, optimize energy distribution, leverage real-time and historical data for transparency, and easy reporting.

ISD has supported EV adoption even further by initiating a Rideshare Program. This includes the Plug 2 Power Program that offers incentives for purchasing or leasing an EV charging vehicle. The first two incentives are available to county employees: receiving a $500 Visa Reward Card for the purchase and installation of a Level 2 (240 volt) home charger or receiving a $500 credit for any PowerFlex charging station. The third incentive is open to the public: receiving a $20 credit for any PowerFlex charging station. Applications are open and available on the Rideshare Program website.

“The county is investing in critical electrical vehicle charging infrastructure to support both ours and the state’s goal of transitioning to a zero-emission transportation system,” states Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis, First District. “Angelenos can charge their plug-in vehicles at County hospitals, libraries, beaches, and now, landmarks such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall.”

“Our department is on track to meet state and local EV charging installation goals on publicly accessible locations through the five districts, including parks, beaches, and community housing,” comments Selwyn Hollins, director of ISD. “The PowerFlex technology protects our grid and is being integrated with other resilient charging technology for reliable charging infrastructure on public land.”

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