Kaptyn Using Zeem Solutions Fleet-as-a-Service Offering


Zeem Solutions, an electric vehicle fleet-as-a-service provider, says client Kaptyn is now operating its EV mobility platform, with all Southern California employee drivers working from Zeem Solutions’ Los Angeles depot.

Starting with six Teslas on site, Kaptyn is on track to expand its operations to include 50 electric vehicles by this summer.

With its fully operational and well-staffed EV depot, Zeem Solutions acts as an extension of Kaptyn’s fleet operations team by managing on-site charging, parking, security, scheduled maintenance and cleaning for every Model Y domiciled at Zeem Solutions’ depot, located within a mile of LAX airport.

“We love that Kaptyn is committed to providing a white glove experience with their customers while using high-end electric vehicles, and they are incredibly good at it,” says Paul Gioupis, co-founder and CEO of Zeem Solutions. “We’re pleased to provide fast, secure and reliable EV charging at our LAX depot for customers like Kaptyn, providing them an opportunity to scale at all of our future depots across the country.”

By utilizing Zeem Solutions’ commercial EV charging hub, Kaptyn drivers arrive at the beginning of their scheduled shift to pick up a charged Tesla Model Y, perform their five- to seven-hour shift, and return the vehicle to the depot when their shift concludes. Kaptyn vehicles are often deployed for two shifts per day, so access to Zeem Solutions’ fast and reliable on-site DC fast charging increases efficiency and vehicle utilization. Zeem Solutions says Kaptyn saves on personnel costs and time by not requiring staff on-site to maintain either vehicles or charging equipment, or manage the pickup, return and inspection of vehicles.

Like all Zeem Solutions fleet customers, Kaptyn pays a flat monthly fee to utilize the charging system.

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