Joint Venture Aims to Accelerate EV Fast Charging in France


Atlante France and Banque des Territoires have established a joint venture designed to roll out and operate over 500 fast-charging points for electric vehicles, thereby laying another brick to develop a widespread charging network throughout French territory.

This project aligns with the goals of Europe and France to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, adhering to strong commitments such as the widespread sale of EVs by 2035 and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. Thanks to Atlante’s technological approach, the joint venture will facilitate access to public fast charging for EVs across France, including in areas with limited available energy and network constraints, while helping to reduce energy access inequalities and encouraging more people to switch to e-mobility.

The new fast-charging stations will be powered 100% by renewable energy certified by Guarantees of Origin and, where applicable, by on-site solar energy. Atlante will also integrate battery energy storage systems, allowing users to benefit from a smoother charging experience, even during peak periods, and at a more advantageous rate.

The joint venture Alpis is endowed with 40 million euros of equity, with 51% contributed by Atlante and 49% by the Banque des Territoires. Additionally, acting as an implementing partner of the European Union under the Transport-Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility (AFIF) component of the Connecting Europe Facility, the Banque des Territoires has facilitated obtaining approximately 50 million euros in grants for Atlante across four nations, enabling Atlante to deploy a network of charging stations throughout Southern Europe.

“This collaboration with Banque des Territoires perfectly matches with Atlante’s DNA and goals: to make 100% green e-mobility accessible to all, across the territory,” says Jacques Galvani, CEO of Atlante France. “We hope that the technological innovations Atlante is pioneering in Europe — especially concerning the synergy between fast charging, energy storage and solar energy production — can benefit all electric vehicle drivers and ease the transition to decarbonized mobility”.

“We are very proud to contribute, through our investment and our role as an implementation partner of the European CEF-T-AFIF mechanism, to the emergence of a leader in electric charging in France and, more broadly, in Southern Europe,” adds Pierre Aubouin, director of the Infrastructure and Mobility Department at the Investment Directorate of the Banque des Territoires. “By partnering with Atlante, a qualified, innovative and committed partner in various market segments across the territory, we are strengthening our support for decarbonized mobility and reaffirming our commitment to ecological transformation.”

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