Jing-Jin Electric, Allison Transmission Collaborate on Commercial EV Powertrains


Allison Transmission, a designer and manufacturer of conventional, electric hybrid and fully electric vehicle propulsion solutions, and Jing-Jin Electric (JJE), a Chinese electrified propulsion leader in components, assemblies and systems for global automotive and commercial vehicle customers, have signed a broad, global strategic collaboration partnership agreement to accelerate the development of electrified powertrain solutions for global commercial vehicles.

The companies will leverage JJE’s leadership in electric motor and inverter development and its presence in the Chinese commercial vehicle electrified powertrain market, while harnessing Allison’s experience and investments in fully electric and electric hybrid commercial duty propulsion systems, commercial vehicle duty cycle expertise, global OEM relationships, and a worldwide distributors and dealers channel.

The combined capabilities will enable the strategic collaboration partnership to offer innovative and reliable electrified propulsion solutions to commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world. The partnership will further allow both parties to benefit from a global manufacturing presence and service networks to support customers in local markets. Together, the companies will further define product portfolio scope, manufacturing locations and supporting resources to be provided by each party. In addition, Allison has committed to provide debt financing in support of JJE North America’s commercial vehicle electric drive product development, testing and manufacturing acceleration efforts.

“The growing needs of our OEM customers and end-user vehicle owners for highly efficient electrified propulsion solutions is what drives our pursuit of innovation,” says David S. Graziosi, chairman and CEO of Allison Transmission Inc. “We continually strive to develop solutions that will meet our mission to help our customers work more efficiently and Improve the Way the World Works.”

“Commercial vehicle’s electrification will be one of the greatest contributors to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality,” says Ping Yu, chairman and CEO of Jing-Jin Electric. “JJE and Allison will combine our best competencies to create the most powerful, most efficient and most reliable electrified powertrains for our global commercial vehicle customers. Our global manufacturing presence and supply chain will make our products highly cost competitive. We will together make our customers successful in this great transformation toward carbon neutral and zero emission transportation.”

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