ITM Power, Partners Form the H20zBus Project


ITM Power, an energy storage and clean fuel company, has created the H2OzBus Project and signed a memorandum of understanding with strategic partners.  

The consortium comprises Transit Systems, part of the SeaLink Travel Group; Ballard Power Systems; BOC Ltd.; Palisade Investment Partners; and ITM Power.  The memorandum of understanding is a step in evaluating and demonstrating the concept of hydrogen fuel cell electric buses for use in public bus transport in Australia. 

The consortium will collaborate on a project to investigate deploying an initial 100 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses in cities across Australia in Phase 1, with the intention to use this as a catalyst for widespread roll-out. Hydrogen fuel cell electric buses for public transport are aligned to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) key investment priorities in accelerating hydrogen and decarbonizing industry. 

“The establishment of the H2OzBus group demonstrates our commitment to innovation and showcases the network and capabilities of our globally recognized transport group. It seeks to provide a turn-key solution to generate a zero-emission outcome in public transport,” says Clint Feuerherdt, CEO of SeaLink Travel Group.

“We are proud to work alongside our government partners and agencies – as well as industry partners – to ensure that our solutions continue to set the benchmark for what is possible,” he adds.

The first phase of the project is a concept development phase that will focus on infrastructure requirements and detailed plans for use of hydrogen fuel cell electric buses on bus routes in up to 10 central hub locations across Australia where demand for fuel cell buses has already been identified.   

The consortium and its partners are working towards an agreement on feasibility, scope and funding of the project’s next phase. ITM Power and BOC will provide the hydrogen production and refueling infrastructure; Ballard Power Systems will supply the fuel cell system to be integrated into the electric buses supplied by supporting bus manufacturers; Transit Systems will maintain and operate the vehicles as part of their daily urban transit operations (or within a strategically located project managed by Transit Systems) and Palisade Investment Partners will assist in providing funding and strategic financial oversight.

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