iSun EV Chargers Chosen for Wisconsin Charging Installation


iSun Inc.’s iSun’s PALM solar-powered electric vehicles (EV) charging system has been selected by an undisclosed party for a Wisconsin commercial EV charging installation.

The project is anticipated to be the first of several installations of iSun’s mobility platform for the partner. It marks iSun’s 50th commercial EV charging installation.

Offered in a grid-tied (PALM) or stand-alone (ROAM) configuration that generates and stores its own clean electricity to power EVs, iSun’s Mobility Platform is a highly customizable, modular EV charging solution that can be tailored to the needs of any specific project, customer or EV, including Class 8 EV trucks. Equipped with iSun’s proprietary AmpUp app and software, iSun Mobility Platforms include complimentary support from iSun’s mobility team. The partner’s configuration accommodates six vehicles, and comes equipped with under-canopy LED lighting, 2 EV chargers preloaded with iSun’s proprietary software and comes equipped with the iOS dashboard. The system is powered by 40 72-cell bi-facial solar modules, and is configured for installation on helical piles.

“Our experience installing and maintaining over 50 EV charging stations gives us a customer-centric view of the challenges associated with EV charging solutions,” comments Jeff Peck, iSun’s CEO. “ROAM and PALM carports address many of the pain-points often associated with EV charging station ownership, including ease of installation, durability, and ongoing management, maintenance, and support. We’re seeing more interest in mobility platforms tailored for class-8 vehicle use, which is promising for the future.”

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