Iowa City Expands Public Access to EV Charging with Blink IQ 200 Installations


The City of Newton in Iowa is working with Blink Charging Co. to install two Blink IQ 200 fast Level 2 charging stations in the city. The Blink-owned chargers were installed in the framework of a grant award from the state of Iowa and as part of the City of Newton’s drive to provide more accessible and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

“As more electric vehicles make it onto our roads, EV charging equipment and services will be an added amenity that is expected in each and every community,” says Craig Armstrong, development specialist for the City of Newton. “The city is excited to offer our residents and visitors easy access to Blink EV charging stations in one of our city-owned parking lots in downtown Newton.”

“We are always excited to install our chargers in new markets and we’re especially pleased to assist the City of Newton as it makes EV charging publicly accessible to its residents and visitors,” states Brendan Jones, president of Blink Charging. “Our vision at Blink is to make EV charging convenient and accessible by making our chargers available in as many locations as possible to meet the demands of the ever-increasing population of EV drivers.”

Blink’s IQ 200 chargers are the fastest Level 2 AC charging stations available. Each IQ 200 produces 80 amps of output, translating to approximately 65 miles of charge in an hour. Operated on the Blink Network, they can charge any battery-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

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