Interenergy Purchases $1.2 Million in EV Charging Equipment


Blink Charging Co. says InterEnergy, an owner and operator of power generation, transmission and distribution assets in Latin America, has enlisted Blink to bring EV charging infrastructure to the Dominican Republic and Panama.

As part of InterEnergy’s total investment in the deployment of 500 charging stations for EVs, the company will initially acquire 200 Blink charging stations, including level 2 charging stations, DC level 3 fast-chargers and networked residential smart units for a total initial purchase of $1.2 million in Blink hardware. 

The initial order of 200 Blink charging stations followed InterEnergy’s thorough assessment of available EV charging equipment in the marketplace. According to InterEnergy, Blink’s products were found to be the fastest, most resistant for environmental conditions and best designed for ongoing operations. Reviewing Blink’s equipment led InterEnergy to choose Blink as its sole provider for EV charging equipment in the Dominican Republic, notes InterEnergy.

Approximately 30% of the purchase price has been paid to Blink, with the balance payable upon shipment of the units, expected to occur later in the first quarter of 2020.

“This is a significant step on InterEnergy’s efforts to eliminate thousands of tons of CO2 emissions per year initially in the Dominican Republic which as an important tourist destination demands clean energy generation, representing multiple benefits to the environment,” says Rolando Gonzalez Bunster, chairman of InterEnergy.

The Blink level 2 chargers, Blink IQ 200, are the fastest AC-charging stations available, producing 80 A of output, the company says. This fast level 2 technology is best used for locations in commercial centers, shopping malls, workplaces and multifamily residential dwellings. The DC level 3 fast chargers can charge more rapidly, producing 50 kW of power, making them reliable for roadside charging where distance traveling is common.

All Blink charging stations are suitable for advances in battery technology found in electric vehicles and capable of charging any battery-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle providing consumers with easy access to fast charging. Blink’s chargers are OCPP compliant and meet all of the requirements for utilization in the Dominican Republic.

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