INNIO Jenbacher Offers Off-Grid Solutions for Electric Vehicles


INNIO Jenbacher is offering gas engine solutions to help accelerate the ramp-up of off-grid power charging for electric vehicles (EV).

Starting with natural gas, Jenbacher gas engines can be converted to hydrogen operation once hydrogen experiences increased economic availability.

“To accelerate the ramp up of EV we are actively working on the creation of charging stations operating on natural gas and hydrogen,” says Dmitry Lashin, general director of L-Charge. “INNIO Jenbacher is a leading provider of gas engines solutions, distinguished by the efficiency and high fuel flexibility of its products and has just recently launched the first ‘Ready for H2’ product portfolio. We hope that the testing will be successful and intend to purchase many more Jenbacher gas engines for EV stationary charging stations.”

In order to foster the common goal of sustainable mobility, INNIO Jenbacher cooperates with L-Charge and supplies a Jenbacher J312 gas engine (600 kW). This engine will be the core of the solution L-Charge Stationary – a stationary mini-power station for fast charging of EV.

“We are pleased to be working with L-Charge on this innovative approach to providing off-the-grid power charging,” states Leon van Vuuren, vice president of global regions of INNIO Jenbacher. “INNIO is a shaper of the energy transition. Jenbacher gas engines offer affordable, reliable and sustainable decentralized power solutions that can help build off-grid power charging for electric vehicles.”

“Our technology provides the power where it is needed, directly at the point of use,” continues van Vuuren. “And, with our ‘Ready for H2’ product portfolio, L-Charge is investing in our future-proofed technology that operates with natural gas today while having the option to convert to hydrogen when the supply becomes more readily available.”

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