Infineon Achieves Guinness World Record with VW ID.4 EV


Infineon Technologies AG has attained a Guinness World Records title through its sponsorship of the VW ID.4 USA tour, in conjunction with drivers Rainer Zietlow and Derek Collins. The record was set for the longest journey by an electric vehicle (EV) in a single country, crossing 35,840.67 miles between July 13, 2021, and to October 18, 2021.

The route incorporated five Infineon sites, including Livonia, Mich.; San Jose and El Segundo, Calif; Austin, Texas; and Washington, D.C.

The VW ID.4 contains more than 50 Infineon semiconductors, including power semiconductors, microcontrollers and driver ICs. At the heart of the electric drivetrain is a power module from the HybridPACK Drive product family for the conversion of energy between the battery and motor. Looking beyond the car, semiconductors from Infineon also play an important role in the electric charging infrastructure and enable faster charging.

“Making the world an easier, safer and greener world with our technology is Infineon’s mission,” says Lars Ullrich, vice president of automotive for Infineon Technologies Americas. “Infineon is committed to being carbon neutral by 2030, and electrical vehicles and vehicle electrification are also big steps toward less carbon emission. This world record further confirms that energy efficient EVs are not range limited and that charging infrastructure is accessible throughout the country. We are excited about this great achievement, which was enabled by dependable electronics from Infineon, and applaud the drivers and team support across the globe to make this happen.”

Infineon offers an automotive portfolio of products and technologies in the semiconductor industry, including power semiconductors that are at the heart of eMobility. Along with comprehensive system expertise for electric drives, Infineon offers full system solutions addressing all xEV segments including pure EVs, hybrid EVs and EVs based on emerging hydrogen technology.

Infineon power semiconductors can be found in around 10 million electrified cars on the road. In 2021, nearly six million plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles would be produced. Infineon estimates that about half of inverters built into these vehicles are fitted with the company’s chips and modules. By the end of this decade, more than 60% of all newly registered vehicles should be partially or fully electric.

The ID.4 is Volkswagen’s first all-electric SUV and the brand’s first global EV. At launch in the U.S., it is powered by an 82 kWh (gross) battery pack and has an EPA-estimated range of 250 miles in ID.4 1st Edition and Pro S rear-wheel-drive models. At a public DC fast-charging station, with 125 kW charging, the ID.4 can go from five to 80% charged in about 38 minutes.

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