InductEV Forms Three Strategic Partnerships to Bolster Wireless Charging


Wireless charging provider InductEV has reached agreements with Miller EV Solutions, Roush, and WB Engineers+Consultants to help accelerate the adoption of its high-power, on-route inductive electric vehicle charging technology and AI (artificial intelligence) overlay for energy management.

Each company will provide InductEV with mechanical and electrical engineering services to ensure a one-stop shop design and deployment of InductEV wireless charging system to help meet demand from commercial fleet owners and operators, as well as intermodal facilities and ports.

“Commercial fleets are the biggest contributor to GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions worldwide in transportation,” says Barry Libert, chairman and CEO of InductEV. “We are therefore pleased to announce today three new strategic partners, all of which possess the technological know-how and services to help implement our vision for wireless EV charging in the commercial and industrial transport sectors. We look forward to working with them to reduce the carbon footprint of these fleets and, in doing so, create considerable cost savings for our customers.”    

The three new partners are:

  • Miller EV Solutions will provide electrical infrastructure, prefabrication, installation, commissioning, and maintenance and service for InductEV’s in-ground charging systems and increase the quality and speed of the electric service, ensuring up to 99.9% uptime for customers. MEV will also be part of a solution with best-in-class system installation, resulting in considerable cost savings.
  • Roush will provide supplemental integration engineering design and post-deployment servicing of vehicle assemblies to ensure continued operation and power delivery. The company’s size and scale enable the deployment of resources and service to fleets in days instead of weeks.
  • WB Engineers+Consultants will provide its expertise in electrical infrastructure engineering and design with specialized teams focused on vehicle charging, infrastructure design and civil engineering. It will be part of InductEV’s solution to onboard new customers, along with Miller Electric, to offer a one-stop shop for optimized charging system design and installation.

InductEV holds 18 patents with 23 pending for its technology. Its AI-managed, on-route wireless charging solution shifts EV charging to daytime use of renewables, thus reducing the need for large batteries, lowering vehicle costs and eliminating the need for recycling by extending battery life by a factor of four to eight times. Inductive wireless charging also paves the way for the broad deployment of autonomous vehicles. 

To date, InductEV has delivered over 1.5 GWh of energy to customers across the U.S. and the European Union through its wireless charging network — the equivalent of saving 650 metric tons of carbon dioxide. The company also recently announced a strategic partnership with assembly provider Detroit Manufacturing Systems, which will bring DMS’s operational, manufacturing, quality-by-design and supply chain expertise to InductEV allowing it to scale more quickly to meet customer demand.

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