Indiana School District Adds 33 Propane Autogas Buses to Fleet


Zionsville Community Schools in Indiana is now operating 33 new propane autogas school buses to transport 8,000 students across nine campuses.

“We love operating propane buses,” says Amy Eaton, transportation manager at Zionsville Community Schools. “They produce less pollution, which is great for our students. They’re much quieter, which benefits the drivers. And they provide fuel savings, which is great for the school.”

The new buses are from Blue Bird, powered by ROUSH CleanTech’s propane autogas technology. The district began adopting propane in 2020, with an initial purchase of 21 units from MacAllister Transportation.

Propane represents 65% of the school district’s fleet and 73% of its total daily routes.

“Propane provides a simple solution to complex problems,” says Todd Mouw, executive vice president at ROUSH CleanTech. “Propane is the common-sense approach – it works, and it will do the job you need it to while meeting regulations through 2027.”

The district partnered with Co Alliance to install onsite propane fueling stations and is currently paying $1.59 per gallon of propane compared to $3.12 per gallon of diesel.

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