Ideanomics Consolidates Charging Solutions as WAVE Charging


Ideanomics, a company focused on accelerating the commercial adoption of zero-emission vehicles, says the company has created a single touch point to the market for its charging solutions – WAVE Charging.

By naming the company WAVE Charging, Ideanomics is capitalizing on the brand recognition built by WAVE wireless charging. Technologies and services that will be sold under the WAVE Charging brand include:

  • a charging power of either 7 kW, 11 kW or 19 kW.
  • Inductive charging
  • DC fast charger
  • Mobile charging solutions
  • End-to-end infrastructure solutions
  • Charge management software

“Consolidating our investments in charging solutions will allow us to optimize manufacturing and distribution, which will ultimately lead to better returns and a stronger offering to our customers,” says Robin Mackie, chief operations officer at Ideanomics. “WAVE Charging brings all our charging solutions and services under one brand, and the WAVE Charging team will work closely with our customers to analyze their operations and create a full plan to support their current and future fleet needs based on their electric vehicle type and operational duty cycles.”

Ideanomics has positioned WAVE Charging as the preferred charging solutions provider for VIA Motor’s electric work trucks. Together, WAVE Charging and VIA offer a cost-efficient, integrated EV and charging solution for VIA’s customers, as well as any other EV fleet operators. The WAVE Charging and VIA team will work together to engage customers collaboratively.

WAVE Charging plans to manufacture its charging solutions and components in the United States, supporting local green jobs. WAVE Charging will also explore strategic partnerships to strengthen its supply chain and accelerate the deployment of its innovative charging solutions globally.

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