Idaho National Lab Goes With Solar-Powered EV Charging


Idaho National Laboratory (INL), one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s national labs, has selected Envision Solar International Inc.’s EV-ARC product to provide solar-powered EV charging for its fleet vehicles.

Invented and manufactured in California, the EV ARC fits inside a parking space without reducing available parking and generates and stores enough clean electricity to power up to 225 miles of EV driving in a day.

The system’s solar electrical generation is enhanced by EnvisionTrak, which allows the array to follow the sun. The EV ARC products store energy for charging day or night and for providing emergency power during grid failure. The product is a permanent solution, but because it requires no trenching, foundations or installation work, it is deployed in minutes and can be easily moved to a new location, the company notes.

Envision Solar says the EV ARC aligns with the lab’s goal of integrating clean energy and sustainability performance improvements, which includes fleet management, as part of its environmental policy. The remote location of INL’s desert site, along with the need for clean mobility and no construction, made EV ARC suitable for the lab.

“We are honored that more Department of Energy Laboratories are selecting the EV ARC to charge their fleet vehicles,” says Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Envision Solar. “We are looking forward to enabling the driving-on-sunshine experience for their entire fleet – employees and visitors, too.”

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