Icom North America Secures Key Distribution Agreements with GM


Icom North America, a provider of patented alternative fuel systems, tanks and components, has completed pivotal distribution agreements with General Motors.

This milestone collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of propane, natural gas and other alternative fuels across a wide spectrum of industries, including original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and aftermarket fleets, power generation, marine, agricultural, off-road vehicles/equipment and the performance sector.

Icom is integrating its innovative alternative fuel systems with GM’s extensive range of engines and components. The company will also be a distributor of GM loose engines and GM parts for gasoline projects.

Albie Venezio, director of technical services at Icom, expressed satisfaction with the expanded offerings to the firm’s customer base and new customers. He emphasized the national security and environmental benefits of utilizing propane and natural gas as well as the added benefits of renewable propane or renewable natural gas in conjunction with GM engines, underscoring the reduction of emissions. In addition, the GM 6.0L and 6.6L engines fill crucial gaps in the performance engine sector.

Brandon Thorn, engineering manager at Icom, highlighted the significance of GM’s 6.0L engine, a proven platform for alternative fuels and GM’s workhorse for almost a decade, and he announced upcoming projects using this engine. Additionally, Thorn introduced GM’s new workhorse, the 6.6L engine, tailored for buses and heavy-duty truck applications, with a focus on gasoline or alternative fuels and impressive performance metrics, including 401 horsepower and 464 lb.-ft. of torque.

This collaboration between Icom and GM marks a significant step forward in advancing sustainable transportation solutions and reducing the carbon footprint across various industries. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, both companies are poised to drive innovation and environmental stewardship in the automotive and related sectors.

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