IC Bus Debuts Updated CE Series School Bus with Electric Powertrain


IC Bus has launched its next-generation CE Series school bus, a newly redesigned and updated version of its flagship CE Series originally launched 20 years ago.

The all-new CE Series features an increased 83-passenger capacity and is available in both diesel (Cummins B6.7) and zero-emissions electric powertrain options.

“Our CE Series has remained best-in-class for decades; we have taken into consideration the legacy features our drivers love and built upon them to enhance both operator and rider experience,” says Justina Morosin, vice president and general manager, IC Bus. “Additionally, we offer an electric powertrain to our customers to aid in achieving their own sustainability goals while maintaining the efficiency needed in day-to-day operations.”

The electric powertrain available in the all-new CE Series offers a quieter ride for drivers and passengers, as well as three levels of selectable regenerative braking for a smoother ride, battery efficiency and operating experience. It comes standard with alternating current and direct current fast charging readiness and a state-of-the-art digital instrument cluster.

Two battery pack options of 210 kWh with 135-mile range or 315 kWh with 200+ mile range are available to meet customer range expectations. The electric powertrain option operates at a peak power of 255 kW (342 hp).

IC Bus says it utilizes a three-step approach to electric vehicles – consulting, charging and deployment – which allows customers a simpler approach to transitioning their fleets from traditional fuels to zero-emissions options.

“Our dedicated zero-emissions team supports customers with deployment management and e-mobility ecosystem consultation,” said Trish Reed, vice president, zero emissions. “As we implement e-mobility solutions in collaboration with our dealer network, we consult with customers, assist in designing their infrastructure, and oversee the deployment. This enhanced, consultative approach allows us to support customers through their EV transition and ensure a seamless integration in meeting their unique needs.”

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