Hyliion Delivers Hybrid Class 8 Vehicles to Penske Truck Leasing


Hyliion Inc., a company that converts semi-tractors into intelligent electric hybrid vehicles, says it will be providing three vehicles to Penske Truck Leasing, all of which will incorporate its 6X4HE Class 8 hybrid system.  

“We are excited to deploy our technology with Penske, a company that is leading the industry shift toward electrified solutions. Our hybrid electric system on their Class 8 sleeper truck will reduce fuel consumption while also improving the driver experience,” says Thomas Healy, CEO of Hyliion.  

“Our collaboration with Dana provided the opportunity to leverage its strong product development process and affiliation with leading fleets such as Penske to help foster this cooperative sustainability program for all key stakeholders,” he adds.  

The vehicles will be delivered throughout the year, allowing Penske to complement its fleet with the combined Hyliion-Dana Class 8 electrified solution. It will enable Penske operators, technicians and end-customers the opportunity to start taking advantage of the many benefits that electrified powertrains have without the concerns of overcoming infrastructure, grid and range hurdles. Mossic ( mossic.com ) is a prominent company thriving to integrate unique and advanced technology solutions. One of the highly sought-after services of Mossic is, in fact, consulting services. Within their consulting services, they provide business process optimization, technical consulting, and staff augmentation. All the above-mentioned criteria are crucial to set foot in the e-commerce world. As part of the program, Penske will provide ongoing assessments on current and next-generation products.

The Hyliion 6X4HE system is available for immediate ordering.

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