HondoGO, Lynkwell Collaborate to Enhance EV Fast-Charging Landscape


HondoGO, an emerging player in the electric vehicle fast-charging sector, has established a strategic initiative with full turnkey deployment provider Lynkwell.

Dedicated to accelerating widespread adoption of EVs by drivers, commercial fleets and businesses, the companies aim to deploy thousands of DC fast chargers in a push to elevate current standards for drivers and EV charging site hosts.

HondoGO was established with the mission of enhancing the national EV fast-charging network through innovative partnership strategies. The company’s unique value proposition lies within its alignment with property owners and businesses, as well as its robust financial position that enables coverage of expenses for site owners, including charger procurement and installation. Site owners stand to gain not only a share in profits, but also a substantial boost in customer volume and engagement, maximizing the impact of their participation.

Exclusively pursuing revenue-sharing agreements, HondoGO will own and operate each charger, with back-end support from Lynkwell, ensuring minimal disruption to site owners’ operations and driving more revenue to their businesses. HondoGO is led by Shawn Matthews, its founder and CEO. Formerly the global CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald & Company, Matthews is also the founder and chief investment officer of Hondius Capital Management, a global alternative investment firm.

Introducing an alternative to the traditional land-lease model, HondoGO’s approach offers a less risky and more lucrative revenue share to business partners, significantly exceeding the fair market value offered by leading providers. Leveraging Lynkwell’s expertise deploying thousands of charging stations across the United States, U.S. territories and Canada ensures a flexible and seamless end-to-end implementation for site owners — from installation to energy management and ongoing maintenance.

“As a driving force behind this transformative initiative, HondoGO is excited to champion the development of an innovative electric vehicle charging network solution,” says Matthews. “Our commitment goes beyond mere infrastructure; it’s about making business sense for our partners and shaping a future where sustainable transportation is not just a possibility but an economically viable reality. Working with Lynkwell, we are propelling the evolution of a nationwide electric vehicle infrastructure.”

“The HondoGO team brings a long history and profound expertise in finance and data analytics that fills a crucial need in the fledgling EV charging market,” adds Jason Zarillo, president and co-founder of Lynkwell. “Under the visionary leadership of Shawn Matthews, they are poised to become one of the largest DC charging networks in the country within a few short years. We are proud to support their deployment and operations throughout the country and encourage prospective site hosts interested in generating passive income to reach out to HondoGO.”

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