Holman Now Offering Fleet Electrification Solutions


Global automotive services organization Holman has introduced a suite of electrification solutions designed to simplify the transition to electric vehicles for fleet operators.

The company’s innovative fleet electrification services include a range of charge management resources and supporting programs that help customers easily navigate the complexities of transitioning a fleet to electric vehicles at scale.

“The journey to fleet electrification is far more complex than simply determining which EV model is the best fit for your business. You also need to consider and plan for infrastructure development, power needs, charging locations, driver behavior, charge data management, etc.,” says Holman’s Emily Graham. “Developing and implementing an effective electrification strategy can be a challenge for even the most seasoned fleet professional.

“Our suite of electrification programs and services offers organizations the resources, tools, and expertise they need to make integrating EVs into their fleet operations as seamless as possible for all fleet stakeholders,” she notes.

Holman is poised to help businesses streamline infrastructure development, charge management, data aggregation, and ongoing EV administration through its fleet electrification solutions, which include:

  • Home charging management: Navigates the complicated landscape of charging options by identifying proper equipment, coordinating installation logistics, and ensuring proper data collection to provide drivers a convenient solution for at-home charging;
  • Driver reimbursement: Eliminates the administrative burden of measuring electricity used during each at-home charging session, calculating accurate reimbursement rates, and processing payment to the driver;
  • Depot management: Reduces the complexities and ongoing administration associated with the management of centralized charging depots to provide the transparency necessary to optimize charging schedules, measure energy consumption, and monitor charger performance.
  • EV connectivity: Eliminates gaps in data visibility by leveraging telematics to collect critical vehicle information, performance attributes, and charging session data to efficiently monitor and manage electric fleet vehicles;
  • Workplace charging: Minimizes the planning, logistics, and ongoing administration of providing workplace charging stations by sourcing reliable units, coordinating installation, and aggregating charge session data to easily monitor charging asset usage and uptime;
  • Public charging: Mitigates range concerns by providing an easy and convenient way for drivers to find public charging locations and process payment while also capturing important electric fuel spend information;
  • EV driver training: Reduces driver apprehension by educating fleet drivers on the key aspects of operating an electric vehicle including EV safety, maximizing battery range, and proper charging techniques.

Through these solutions, Holman aggregates all EV-related operating and performance data into Holman Insights, the company’s proprietary fleet management and analytics platform, to provide visibility to all fleet assets for informed decision making.

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