Hitachi, Penske Launch Large-Scale Electric Truck Charging Pilot Project


Hitachi America Ltd., Hitachi Energy and Penske Truck Leasing have launched a large-scale, centralized electric truck charging solution. This groundbreaking project supports Penske’s electric truck deployments for its customers in the Stockton, California area.

For this pilot initiative, Hitachi Energy has supplied Penske with its state-of-the-art Grid-eMotion Fleet EV charging system. The integrated direct current (DC) fast-charging solution is designed to scale up and deliver multi-megawatt level charging capabilities, tailored to meet the demanding requirements of various-size truck fleets.

The new system features include its ability to reduce space requirements by up to 60% compared with conventional charging systems. Additionally, it cuts cabling needs up to 40% — ensuring effective use of resources while maintaining high-capacity charging for electric vehicles (EVs).

“Investing in our capabilities with electric vehicles and charging solutions is crucial as our customers seek to decarbonize their fleets and comply with emissions regulations,” says Art Vallely, president of Penske. “Robust public and private charging infrastructures are essential to ensure the viability of commercial electric trucks in the future.”

Penske has been a pioneer in adopting battery electric commercial vehicles and made substantial investments in testing, maintaining and expanding charging infrastructure to support these vehicles. The company has been continually testing and operating EV trucks across its leasing, rental and logistics fleets in various industries.

Hitachi Energy’s Grid-eMotion Fleet charging system in Stockton is already being used to charge a growing number of EVs across light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications. Its 10-pedestal system can charge as many as 10 trucks on-site up to 100 kW or five trucks up to 200 kW, showcasing its versatility and scalability for Penske’s fleet operations.

This collaboration extends Hitachi’s existing partnerships with Penske Corporation, rooted in the IndyCar racing series, emphasizing their joint commitment to expedite fleet-wide emissions reduction through widespread electric charging station deployment. Additionally, Hitachi and Penske are exploring AI-based smart charging solutions to optimize vehicle charging processes.

“Hitachi Energy is proud to support Penske’s sustainability journey with the deployment of our Grid-eMotion Fleet system in Stockton,” says Alireza Aram, general manager of Hitachi Energy’s Grid Integration Business in North America. “This project presents an ideal opportunity to highlight the benefits of charging systems designed specifically for fleets and how they can support the transition to a more sustainable mode of operations. Hitachi Energy’s Grid-eMotion Fleet technology can provide fleet operators with the flexibility they need to address the unique requirements of each facility.”

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