Hexagon Purus to Supply Components for Toyota Electric Powertrain Kits


Hexagon Purus will be supplying components to Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) for serial production of its heavy-duty fuel cell electric powertrain kits. A full hydrogen storage system and high-voltage battery pack will be provided for the heavy-duty fuel cell electric powertrain kit.

The collaboration between the companies started in 2017 as Toyota began development of the fuel cell electric powertrain kits for Class 8 trucks, including the proof of concept “Alpha” truck for the Port of Los Angeles, supporting the ports’ efforts to reduce harmful emissions. Hexagon Purus also supported the hydrogen-powered heavy-duty fuel cell electric truck powertrain employed in the “Ocean” trucks used in the ZANZEFF “Shore to Store” program (2020).

“We are entering a new era in our collaboration with Toyota supplying components for its fuel cell powertrain kits, to help pave the way for zero-emission commercial transportation,” says Todd Sloan, executive vice president of Battery Systems and Vehicle Integration at Hexagon Purus. “Hydrogen can play a significant role in the reduction of emissions from heavy-duty transportation.”

“Combining our fuel cell stacks with Hexagon Purus’s full hydrogen storage system and high-voltage battery pack provides our customers a one-stop solution to help meet their needs,” adds Jay Sackett, chief engineer, Advanced Product Planning Office, TMNA.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) assembles integrated dual fuel-cell (FC) modules for use in hydrogen-powered heavy-duty commercial trucks. The fuel cell kit, including battery and hydrogen storage systems supplied by Hexagon Purus, will be sold to heavy-duty truck OEMs for hydrogen-powered heavy-duty fuel cell electric Class 8 trucks.

Toyota has been granted a Zero Emission Powertrain (ZEP) Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for its new heavy-duty fuel cell electric powertrain. The certification helps heavy-duty Class 8 commercial truck OEMs and operators comply with strict emissions regulations in California.

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