Hexagon Inks Order from Xpress Natural Gas for TITAN Transport Modules


Hexagon Lincoln, a subsidiary of Hexagon Composites, has been awarded a $10.6 million order for its TITAN 53 gas transport modules from Xpress Natural Gas LLC, a full-service provider of Hexagon’s compressed natural gas (CNG) Mobile Pipeline.

The large-capacity Mobile Pipeline modules will serve virtual interconnect projects in the U.S.

The 53-foot-long TITAN 53 was launched at the World Gas Conference in Washington, D.C., in late June. It is the most recent example of how Hexagon is adapting its composite pressure vessel technology for a range of applications for CNG, hydrogen and industrial gases.

According to Hexagon, TITAN 53 delivers almost 40% greater payload than the first TITAN modules while retaining all the advantages of Hexagon’s Mobile Pipeline platform to deliver a lower cost of ownership. TITAN 53 is ideally suited for the U.S. market, able to meet gross vehicle weight rating requirements in all 50 states, notes Hexagon.

“XNG was a pioneer of CNG Mobile Pipeline. Our first transport modules were the TITAN 4 from Hexagon, and they’ve been the work horses of our fleet,” says John Nahill, president and co-founder of Xpress. “As the industry has grown, we’ve needed to become more competitive, and that means investing in the state of the art. We’re excited to be the first to market with TITAN 53; the higher capacity and weight efficiency in a product that we are intimately familiar with is exactly what we were looking for.”

“Hexagon is building momentum for a cleaner energy future with the unveiling of the new TITAN 53 gas transport module, which employs the largest composite cylinder tanks in the world,” notes Miguel Raimao, vice president of Mobile Pipeline at Hexagon Lincoln. “After nearly a decade of success with TITAN products, customers are requiring the ability to move greater volumes of compressed gases.”

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently granted Hexagon Lincoln a special permit for the TITAN 53, the company notes. Deliveries of the TITAN 53 modules are scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of this year and continue through the first quarter of 2019.

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