HepsiJet Adds Electric Vehicles to Enhance Last-Mile Delivery in Turkiye


D-MARKET Electronic Services & Trading, a leading Turkish e-commerce platform, is advancing its logistics services with sustainable practices and innovative delivery methods. Hepsiburada‘s last-mile delivery service, HepsiJet, has launched cargo distribution in select regions of Türkiye with 21 electric vans.

The electric vans offer high energy conversion efficiency, contributing to sustainability by reducing carbon emissions. Using these vehicles in cargo distribution is expected to cut carbon emissions by approximately 0.21 tons per 1,404 kilometers traveled per vehicle each month. Additionally, the electric vans are also estimated to be more cost-effective.

A dedicated delivery service for e-commerce customers, HepsiJet is currently operating a vehicle distribution network of nearly 3,500 vehicles and plans to expand its electric vans network to 50 by the end of 2024. After the initial efficiency and performance evaluations, the goal is to increase the number of electric vehicles within the fleet.

“HepsiJet is a new-generation cargo company focused on e-commerce,” says Hakan Karadoğan, CEO of Hepsiburada Logistics Group. “Our nature-friendly delivery vans represent a milestone in reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, creating an eco-friendly logistics network and thereby meeting our larger sustainability goals.”

The new electric vans have begun delivery in densely populated major cities including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Muğla and Antalya.

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